Saturday, March 13, 2010

Black-Mexican "Wedding" sitcom not funny enough

Our Family Wedding (2010)
102 min., rated PG-13
Grade: C -

Amiable performers go slumming in this good-natured but hysterically lame and tired sitcom of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? married to My Big Fat Greek Wedding without the laugh track.

Or the live audience.

TV personalities America Ferrera and Lance Gross charm as a Hispanic-African American college couple ready to get married, before their Los Angelian fathers kill one another. That's right, their dads meet even before they hear the nuptial news: Ferrera's papa (comedian Carlos Mencia's tow-truck driver) tows away Gross's pops' (divorced, swinging radio dj Forest Whitaker) car away.

It's the kids' marriage but the family's traditional wedding, so let the black and Latino insults, fake break-ups, and general buffoonery abound in this broad ethnic-race-clash. As icing on the cake, we get a loose goat horny on Viagra that humps the bride and groom's fathers.

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