Saturday, September 24, 2011

Worst Movies of 2011...So Far

1) Super - Should've been a geeky, subversive goof, but instead it's smug and off-putting. It's hard to root for anyone, as there seems to be a contempt for its characters and audience. Tonally all over the place and looks cheap. Pointless and unfunny.

2) Love, Wedding, Marriage - Sitcommy, unfunny rom-com with unlovable characters. Mandy Moore as a marriage counselor? Please.

3) Creature - No budget, no laughs, no scares--that's "Creature" for ya. B-movies can be fun, but this one is BAD. 

4) Your Highness - The Princess Bride with cock jokes. Lame and crude script wastes overqualified cast.

5) Salvation Boulevard - Great cast and source material for what could've been a biting dark comedy, but this is such a muddle filled with bad ideas and cartoony performances.

6) Passion Play - Megan Fox plays an angel with wings, literally, that falls for Mickey Rourke's jazz-playing lost soul. Ugh. Bizarre and laughable without being interesting or enjoyably campy.

7) Red Riding Hood - "Twilight-ized" fairy tale with good-looking people looks good, but what little brains it has. 

8) The Roommate - A formulaic From Hell thriller that uses a checklist to rip off Single White Female under the college-dorm criteria. Not trashy enough to be fun.

9) The Dilemma - Schizoid buddy comedy/adultery farce/relationship drama is too sour for comedy and too broad for drama. Little works here.

10) Transformers: Dark of the Moon - A grinding, endless, noisy, idiotic pile of nothing. Not as excruciating as "Revenge of the Fallen," but if you didn't care then about smashing robots, you won't care now.

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