Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let Him In: "Borgman" hard to pin down but more unsettling for it

Borgman (2014)
113 min., not rated (but equivalent to R).

When a film poses more questions than answers, the knee-jerk reaction is to peg it as an unintentional problem, as if the filmmakers made no artistic choice. Written and directed by Dutch filmmaker Alex van Warmerdam, "Borgman" is a compulsively watchable curiosity that defiantly rejects audience hand-holding and makes you perform the legwork all on your own. It is something when a film makes two of 2014's arguably best films"Under the Skin" and "Enemy"seem accessible by comparison, but this horror-tinged whatchamacallit truly is uncompromising, unsettling, cryptic, elegantly shot and, frankly, quite weird. To read the rest of the review, go to Diabolique Magazine.


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