Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lost and Never Found: "Hollows Grove" proves found-footage hard to execute

Hollows Grove (2014) 
81 min., rated R.

One has to watch approximately one-hundred found-footage movies to find a good one. "Hollows Grove" is not one of the good ones, even though writer-director Craig Efros has a prime location. A prime example of all found-footage movies not being created equal even when they come a dimenay, a quartera dozen, this uninspired item grows as derivative as they come. After so many representatives ("The Blair Witch Project," "[REC]," "Paranormal Activity," "Cloverfield," "Trollhunter," "Chronicle," "V/H/S") have gotten it right before the ubiquitous trend, it might be the hardest kind of horror film to pull off. 

To get his mind off a painfully fresh break-up, Harold (Matthew Carey) joins friend Tim (Matt Doherty, best known for co-starring in "Home Alone" and the "The Mighty Ducks" movies) in the latest shooting of a ghost-hunting reality show. Making up S.P.I.T. (the Spirit and Paranormal Investigation Team), Tim and his crewco-talent Roger (Sunkrish Bala), director of photography Chad (Val Morrison), producer/director Julie (Bresha Webb) and f/x guru Bill (genre favorite Lance Henriksen)—head out to the abandoned Hollows Grove orphanage, which has been named #2 by the American Haunted House Association. Once Harold and the crew, who is usually used to all the rigged spookiness, arrive, they realize Hollows Grove is like a roach motel, as they won't be checking out. To read the rest of the review, go to Diabolique Magazine.

Grade: C -

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