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"Bad Hair" bold, buck-wild fun with something on its mind

Bad Hair (2020)
Writer-director Julien Simien’s high-concept horror satire “Bad Hair” is about *checks notes* a possessed killer weave, and what more do you need to know? As he made it clear with his whip-smart, confrontational 2014 feature debut “Dear White People,” Simien is hardly coy about what is on his mind, even when there’s social commentary thinly veiled behind long extensions of strangling, blood-slurping hair. Simien’s sophomore effort is fiendish and ridiculously camp-forward, while conspicuously having something to say about whitewashing a BET-style channel and the pressures of Black women with satirical purpose and specificity. “Bad Hair” is big, bold, buck-wild fun.
Ever since a chemical burn from a hair neutralizer as a young girl, soft-spoken Anna Bludso (Elle Lorraine) has been “tender-headed,” choosing to keep her hair natural. In 1989, Los Angeles, she has been an executive assistant four years and counting for music-oriented TV network “Culture” that prides itself o…

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