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Man-Made Disaster: Routine "Force of Nature" wastes fine cast and rain machines

Force of Nature (2020) 91 min. Release Date: June 30, 2020 (Digital & On Demand)
Fine actors and rain machines cannot overcome junky material in “Force of Nature.” Director Michael Polish (2006’s “The Astronaut Farmer”) ventures away from his elegiac tone-poem style of independent filmmaking and bafflingly goes for a full-on B-movie, but the prospect of that sounds a lot more fun than what transpires on screen. Everyone puts in as much enthusiasm into this project as a nine-to-fiver does clocking in and out for a paycheck. Despite there being a heist in a hurricane—see 1998’s “Hard Rain” or even 2018’s “The Hurricane Heist” instead—“Force of Nature” is too unspectacularly routine and indifferent to deliver even bare-minimum thrills. 
As a Category 5 hurricane approaches San Juan, Puerto Rico, suicidal cop Cardillo (Emile Hirsch) is assigned with new partner Jess Peña (Stephanie Cayo), a native Puerto Rican, to evacuate an apartment building and move the residents to shelters. First,…

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