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"Summer Camp" is a lame, slapped-together hangout with likable pros

"What You Wish For" cooks up tension and a strong lead performance from Nick Stahl

"The Strangers: Chapter 1" is a slick but generic reboot that promises room for improvement

"The Coffee Table" is a cruel, twisted fucker of a black comedy

"Mother of the Bride" is predictable, dumbed-down but easy-breezy Netflix fare

"Hundreds of Beavers" is supremely silly DIY filmmaking

"The Idea of You" is breezy, honestly acted fluff

"Boy Kills World" is a cheeky, ultra-violent patience-killer

"Challengers" exhilarates as a glossy, stylish, sensual tennis triangle

Ballerina vampire flick "Abigail" is just enough bloody fun