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Despicable Twins: "Despicable Me 3" likable enough but quite scattered

Hot for Soldier: "The Beguiled" cunning, richly textured and simmering with carnal tension

Getaway Track: "Baby Driver" an exhilarating, creatively fresh joyride

Chained Love: Assured, unnerving "Hounds of Love" resists exploitation

Killer Photo: "Camera Obscura" has a creepy gimmick but botches outcome

Hide the Body: Eclectic female cast and ribald laughs carry "Rough Night"

The Depths: Despite clunky dialogue sneaking in, "47 Meters Down" an effective thrill machine

Aging Wheels: "Cars 3" safe but wistful, charming, and not "Cars 2"

Monster Cinematic Universe: Despite a couple thrills, "The Mummy" just a generic, creatively messy product