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Real News: Rebecca Hall captivates in compelling, empathetic "Christine"

Hanks Sees Hell: “Inferno” still loony, slightly more involving than predecessors

Dead for Real: "Fear, Inc." a clever meta lark before it gets greedy

Battle of the XXX Stars: "King Cobra" looks stylish but lacks insight

Doris is Not All Right: "Ouija" prequel smarter, scarier and more stylish than its predecessor

Doing Math and Taking Names: Sluggish, convoluted execution at odds with amusing premise in "The Accountant"

Like Old Times: Duplass and Paulson make lovely conversation in "Blue Jay"

It Follows War: Sociopolitical climate and ghostly horror partner up in chilling "Under the Shadow"

She's So Gone: "Girl on the Train" absorbing but not much more than well-acted potboiler

Don't Die: Nasty "31" an alternately numbing and rattling Rob Zombie freakshow