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Rob Roy on a Plane: Until a third-act dip, "Non-Stop" makes for a fun, tense ride

Quadruple Dog Dare You: Brutal, daringly cynical "Cheap Thrills" goes there

Father Kills Best: Wacky "3 Days to Kill" tries to be 3 movies too many

Invasion of the Throwback: "Almost Human" gooey, well-made fun where it counts

Dream Weaver: "Wind Rises" takes a while to soar, but still soulful, gorgeous Miyazaki

Classical Stage Fright: "Grand Piano" a tautly crafted De Palma-esque opus

I Love You, Dude: "Date and Switch" a likable, sweet surprise that rejects stereotypes

Summer Lovin': Blandness gets the best of dreamy-looking "Endless Love"

Shiny and New but Unimproved: "RoboCop" reboot just OK with few inventive parts