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"Cop Out" lame and lamer

"Shutter Island" proves Scorsese's still got it

Absurd "Law Abiding Citizen" trashy guilty pleasure

"Wolfman" delivers spooks, blood, and fog

"Valentine's Day" stale but a little fun with huge cast

"Crazies" is plenty crazy and a remake done right

"Let the Right One In" a keeper

DVD: "Time Traveler's Wife" has less sap than expected

Darkly layered "A Serious Man" Coens' most personal work

"Stepfather" remake has no real suspense

"From Paris With Love": a crazed Travolta makes for brainless fun

"Sex and the City" too long but snappy and enjoyable

"Black Waters" so bad it's bad

Patchy "New York, I Love You" has lots of great moments

"Don McKay" dark fun with too many twists