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Crazy and Crazier: "Villains" an offbeat, demented little delight with delicious performances

Edible Retreat: "Corporate Animals" conceptually promising but winds up being a toothless misfire

Rejects Return: "3 from Hell" more of the same hell-raising, only with less of a point

Sex Sells and Traps: "Hustlers" vibrates with verve, empathy, and magnetic performances

All Hallows' Hell: "Haunt" a seasonal genre gem that's grisly, tense, and scary

One Step at a Time: "Brittany Runs a Marathon" a naturally inspiring crowd-pleaser with humor, honesty, and a winning Jillian Bell

No Tip, No Sacrifice: "Satanic Panic" a likably go-for-broke horror-comedy ready-made for pizza party