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Back to the Past: "Ready Player One" fun but dampened by hollow core and so much muchness

Crazy in Love: "Unsane" a nutty, skillfully executed experiment without phoning it in

Ritualist's Remorse: "Pyewacket" keeps tight leash on character and insidious, nerve-rattling tension

Good Girl: "Flower" confirms Zoey Deutch as a magnetic star

Girls Just Want to Raid Tombs: Vikander and thrilling set pieces make "Tomb Raider" a solid adventure

Bye, Closet: "Love, Simon" a sensitive, sweet, lovable miracle

Time Warriors: "A Wrinkle in Time" has its faults but also ambition, imagination and personality

Pretty Little Sociopaths: Cooke and Taylor-Joy are frighteningly impressive in wry, black-hearted "Thoroughbreds"

Screaming to the '80s: "The Strangers: Prey at Night" lean, atmospheric and relentlessly tense