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Crap outweighs good stuff in uneven but crazily demented "ABCs of Death"

DVD/Blu-ray: Surprisingly not-blah "Hotel Transylvania" full of funny, clever touches

DVD/Blu-ray: Atmospheric, classed-up "The Awakening" still won't keep you up at night

"Hansel & Gretel" more fun than it could've been

DVD/Blu-ray: "The Paperboy" a sweaty, swampy, trashy hot mess

Huge cast in baffling, inane, gross, misguided, flat "Movie 43"

DVD/Blu-ray: "End of Watch" like a grittier, character-driven "Cops" episode

"Mama" an elegantly chilling fairy tale

Lame "Haunted House" deserves an exorcism