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Broughton, Lorraine Broughton: “Atomic Blonde” a stylishly fun, hyper-cool kick

Sitting Ducks: "Dunkirk" vividly harrowing and excellent in technical prowess

Gonzo Planet: "Valerian" makes your eyes pop but can't make you care enough

Don't Fear the Ghost Sheet: “A Ghost Story” casts a poetic, profoundly moving spell

Intercutting Slaughters: Fairly effective "Killing Ground" offers little else than a time-flipping structure

Empty Box: Too many pulled punches water down silly "Wish Upon"

Nuns Gone Wild: Cast game to appall in often outrageous "The Little Hours"

Truly, Madly, Deeply in Coma: "The Big Sick" a rare bird that deftly balances humor and pathos

The Early Years: "Spider-Man: Homecoming" matches Tom Holland's spry, giddy eagerness