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Father's Choice: "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" full-bore Lanthimos strangeness

Game Restart: "Jigsaw" not necessary but a morbidly fun homecoming

Unpleasantville: Tonally wacky "Suburbicon" works just fine as an arch dark farce

Get Out for the 18th Time: Cursed production aside, "Amityville: The Awakening" isn't that bad

DVD/Blu-ray: "Girls Trip" a blue, boisterously funny crowd-pleaser

Boy's First Chainsaw: Pointless prequel "Leatherface" gratuitous in every way

Let It Go: Hopelessly muddled "The Snowman" never thrills, coheres, or satisfies

My Babysitter is a Satanist!: “The Babysitter” a fun, bloody sleepover romp

Die and Repeat: "Happy Death Day" throws slasher fans for a fun time loop