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Potheads 'Til the End: "Ted 2" more hit-and-miss but enough jokes stick

Couples' Night-in: "The Overnight" slight but surprising and nimbly acted

The Nag is Back: Tongue-in-cheek "Burying the Ex" doesn't quite mark Joe Dante's return

The Fault in Their Quirks: "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" too preciously cute for its own good

Killing Life: "Hungry Hearts" deceptively unnerves and hard to shake

Sparing No Expense: "Jurassic World" a toothy, highly entertaining excursion of thrills and chills

The Bro Show: Unironically vapid "Entourage" for fans only

Bad Blood: "The Stranger" puts one through a dull slog

DVD/Blu-ray: "Project Almanac's" fun potential goes traveling down the tubes

Old House, New Blood: "We Are Still Here" an atmospheric, climactically bloody '70s throwback