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Enemy Lines: Harrowing "No Escape" offers high tension, if not much nuance

Boogie Woogie Bughuul: "Sinister 2" sucks mystery out of horror

The Stoned Identity: Ultra-violent "American Ultra" a weirdly sweet and likable mishmash

Kev, Where's Your Car?: Lean, mean "Cop Car" never gets out of first gear

Swinging Shindig: "Man from U.N.C.L.E." light, breezy, snazzy fun

Eye for an Eye: Deliciously effective "The Gift" subverts "...From Hell" thriller formula

Mock Prison Trial: "Stanford Prison Experiment" a gripping chamber piece based on truth

Rockin' Mama: "Ricki and the Flash" joyfully pushes good vibes with an effervescent Streep

Fourth Reboot: Dull, choppy "Fantastic Four" ends just as it's getting started