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Whatever, Chef: Despite some edge, "Burnt" comes out a bland dish

Ghosts of Apple's Past: "Steve Jobs" audacious, sharp, superbly acted, but also exhausting

Glam Power: Channel your inner tween girl for mostly irresistible "Jem and the Holograms"

He'll Get You, My Pretties: Dopey "Last Witch Hunter" bogged down by ugly effects and clunky script

O Gore Ye Faithful: "A Christmas Horror Story" looks cheap and falls flat

The Monster God: "Goosebumps" not scary but fun, lively Halloween fodder for YA set

Season of Treats: Fun "Tales of Halloween" not without weaknesses but full of macabre goodies

House of Secrets: "Crimson Peak" grandly mounted old-school horror

DVD/Blu-ray: "Dope" fresh, likable and stereotype-free coming-of-ager

Don't Let Them In: Roth's perverse, gore-free "Knock Knock" tortures Keanu Reeves