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Clever, witty, tense, entertaining "Scream" a bolt from the blue

"The Monster Squad' nostalgic, under-celebrated gem

'80s Slashers: "The Burning," "The Funhouse"

"Don't Look Now" classical suspenser

Eerie, underrated "Sentinel" slathers on dread

"Melancholia" Beautiful, Sprawling Apocalypse

Roman Polanski: "Repulsion" a chilling high, "Ninth Gate" disappointing low

"Paranormal Activity 3" reliably spooky for the chilly fall season

On DVD/Blu-ray: Lame "Green Lantern" has charismatic Reynolds but little else

DVD/Blu-ray: "The Tree of Life," "Terri," "The Trip," "Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer"