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6 Stones to Rule Them All: High-stakes "Avengers: Infinity War" leaves one wanting more and less

Violated: Problematic "Traffik" wants to exploit and address serious subject

Tales from the Brain: "Ghost Stories" less than the sum of its parts but a tricky twist makes it all worthwhile

Love Yourself: Schumer owns it in sweetly amusing, if imperfect, "I Feel Pretty"

Secrets in the Attic: "Marrowbone" atmospheric and chilling with a mystery that stands up to scrutiny

Why'd It Have to Be Clowns?: Art the Clown is the stuff of nightmares in endlessly tense "Terrifier"

The Beastess Within: Bel Powley compels but “Wildling” loses its way

Ape-quake: "Rampage" dumb as a box of rocks but a lot of monsters-run-amok fun

Hard Pass: "Truth or Dare" a toothless, scare-free misfire from usually reliable Blumhouse

Island of Misfit Dogs: Emotionally distant or not, "Isle of Dogs" still a marvel of wit and detail