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Generation Slacker: "Get a Job" veers from sincere and likable to dumb and disposable

Bigger, Fatter and Greeker: "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" a trifling sequel that's still amusing and sweet

Serious vs. Serious: “Batman v Superman” ponderous, disjointed and hardly any fun

We Like Her, We Really Like Her: Sally Field wonderful in sweet, painfully human “Doris”

More Like 'Indifferent': "Allegiant" only worthwhile for the devoted

Guessing Games: "Road Games" offers an off-kilter mystique before pulling out the rug

Sour Grapes: Melissa Rauch makes mean and shrill look funny in "The Bronze"

West to Midwest: “Take Me to the River” could be more fully formed but holds a quiet power

Three's Company: "10 Cloverfield Lane" a tautly wound, showstopping master of suspense