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Sonny Dearest: "Mommy" soars as wild, heady, heartbreaking cinema

No Soap-Dropping: Ferrell and Hart can't get "Get Hard" funny enough

Chain Letter: Unshakably creepy "It Follows" a horror classic in the making

Timber: Dull "Serena" about as involving as watching trees grow

Brazzers Massacre: "Girl House" doesn't reinvent a rusty wheel, but it's a well-made wheel

Almost Convergent: Shailene Woodley keeps mostly mechanical "Insurgent" going

The Hungry Outdoors: "Backcountry" harrowing and worth getting rattled about

Beaver Fever: The best part about "Zombeavers" might be the title

Nail Girl Goes to Washington: "Accidental Love" puts a nail through itself

It's a Madder World: "Wild Tales" will tickle you with wicked delight