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Gotta Have Faith: "A Dark Song" a mystifying, modestly creepy two-hander

They See All: Preachy, flat, trite "The Circle" wants to be About Something

Body Tests: “Rupture” begins with promise, then ruptures into silliness

Ice Queen: “Unforgettable” blends the formulaic, trashy and nervy

These Deals Were Made For Shooting: "Free Fire" a genre exercise that grows monotonous

Monster Smashed: "Colossal" audacious enough to make up for tonal flaws

Family Goes Fast: "Fate of the Furious" certainly needless but still delivers a fun brand of dumb thrills

Frankie Pretty: “The Assignment” finds little pulpy fun in gonzo premise

Codger Robbers: "Going in Style" a safe, amiable excuse to watch old pros