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"Freelance" wastes two reliable stars in perfunctory action-comedy

"Suitable Flesh" lets Heather Graham camp it up in this freaky-deaky body-swap B-movie

"Chestnut" [Philadelphia Film Festival 2023]: Small doesn't mean less impactful with this rewarding indie

"Eileen" [Philadelphia Film Festival 2023]: A beautifully trashy "Carol"-ish thriller

"Sick Girl" is irresponsible and terminally unfunny

"Dicks: The Musical" is a fever dream of hilariously weird and out-there choices

"Dark Harvest" has the mood and blood of a grim Halloween tale but not much else

"Dangerous Waters" stays afloat from a strong Odeya Rush and competent thrills

"Dear David" makes a stale horror movie out of chilling Twitter thread

"Pet Sematary: Bloodlines" warrants little reason to come back

"Totally Killer" is a clever, quick-witted, totally fun time-travel slasher