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Glorious, stirring "Les Misérables" soars as feel-bad holiday movie

Prickly, funny "This Is 40" could be called 'Apatow Family Videos'

Small, emotionally true "Hello I Must Be Going" showcases winning Melanie Lynskey

Cheek-pinchingly cute "Guilt Trip" carried by inspired pairing of Rogen and Streisand

DVD/Blu-ray: Finger-lickin' good "Killer Joe" deliciously, deliriously tawdry noir

DVD/Blu-ray: Eastwood and Adams give overly tidy material a lift in "Trouble with the Curve"

Though a visual feast, "The Hobbit" drags feet through one-third of story

DVD/Blu-ray: Renner and Gilroy's dynamic action give "Bourne Legacy" a fourth life

"Save the Date" an honest, low-key little indie

Harmlessly vanilla "Playing for Keeps" phones it in

Bloody but unimaginative "Silent Night" didn't have to come to town