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Dirty and Dirtier: "Triple 9" pulpy but too familiar to engage

Macho Cheese: “Gods of Egypt” overblown silliness that gives one nothing to care about

Just a Little Hocus Pocus: "The Witch" an unsettling Puritan nightmare not to be forgotten

Don't Get Sick Again: “Cabin Fever” an inferior scene-for-scene do-over

So 15 Years Ago: Smartly stupid moments are too widely spaced in “Zoolander 2”

The Real Joker: Reynolds, a hard R rating and a blade-sharp script make "Deadpool" a blast

All the Single Ladies: "How to Be Single" gets by on good will of bright cast and shame-free message

Are You Afraid of the Desert?: "Southbound" a solid if not consistently memorable omnibus

Re-skinning: Gutless “Martyrs” can’t justify its existence

Not-So-Serious Men: “Hail, Caesar!” starry, wonky, Coen-y fun