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High-Stakes Game: Stylish, smartly funny, tightly scripted, brightly acted "Game Night" a winner across the board

Mystery Zone: Challenging "Annihilation" ventures into the unknown with no handholding

Wakanda Forever: "Black Panther" a game-changer that stands apart from MCU

No One Can Hear You Snore: “Cloverfield Paradox” competently made but severely underwhelming

Cerebral Rom-Com: "The Female Brain" pleasant and smart but also hit-and-miss

Laters, Baby: Johnson still most appealing part of insipid "Fifty Shades Freed"

Silly Rabbit: "Peter Rabbit" an agreeable update with charm and cheeky wit

Swamp Thing: "Victor Crowley" delivers all the humor and red stuff of the series

House of 1,000 Rooms: “Winchester” wastes great location and Dame Helen Mirren