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Visible Abuse: "The Invisible Man" a smart, classy monster-movie update with a full-bodied turn from Elisabeth Moss

The Woman Who Cried Kidnap: "Disappearance at Clifton Hill" beguiles as a drifty, winding mystery

How Not to Hide a Body: "Blood on Her Name" a familiar crime thriller strengthened by taut, compelling storytelling

Best Brahms Forever: Katie Holmes almost lifts "Brahms: The Boy II" off the humdrum ground

Murder Cam: "The Night Clerk" solidly acted but not much of a thriller

Island of Misfit Strangers: Increasingly silly “Fantasy Island” is less fun than you wished for

The Avalanche: "Downhill" a smart, squirmingly funny rethink of the smart, squirmingly funny "Force Majeure"

Blue Blur: "Sonic the Hedgehog" surprisingly fun and sweet, no kidding

Joker's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: "Birds of Prey" a snappy, rollickingly R-rated blast with Margot Robbie born to play Harley Quinn