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Assembling Some More: "Avengers: Age of Ultron" fun but too much

The Unexpected Virtue of Youth: "Clouds of Sils Maria" complex, reflective and beautifully acted

Almost Human: "Ex Machina" an accomplished, coolly provocative sci-fi rep

The Curious Case of Anti-Wrinkles: Flawed "Age of Adaline" still weaves an enchanting fable

Manny Child: Familiar "Adult Beginners" goes down easily with likable cast

DVD: "The Walking Deceased" too witless and crudely made to parody properly

DVD/Blu-ray: Skippable "Taken 3" delivers on low expectations

Heads Will Roll: "The Dead Lands" numbs before it begins

Dying IRL: "Unfriended" clicks as a timely freak-out

Fair and Balance: Hill and Franco sell absorbing "True Story" with conviction