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"Sympathy for the Devil" gives Cage plenty of Crazy Cage moments

"Theater Camp" gently mocks theater geeks with affection

"Susie Searches" scrambles expectations as a quirky character mystery

"The Beanie Bubble" finds an entertaining rise-and-fall in '90s plushy craze

"Barbie" a fun, dazzling party with substance

"Oppenheimer" engrosses and impresses as a Nolan opus

"Cobweb" a grim, twisted horror fable made with elegant style

"Talk to Me" a wicked nerve-rattler that grabs you by the throat

"Fear the Night" gives Maggie Q stuff to do, and that's neat

"The Out-Laws" fireman's carried by cast energy

"Quicksand" puts characters through the wringer but can't make us care enough