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Princess of Darkness: Rewards are few in moody “Blackcoat’s Daughter”

Look Who's Talking Like a Boss: "Boss Baby" milks just enough wit from strange premise

Space Horrors: "Life" carried out with enough skill and tension to stand out

Mighty Morphin Nostalgia: "Power Rangers" goofy but better than expected

Serial Mommy: "Prevenge" gruesomely funny but also sneakily poignant

When a Ghost Texts: Stewart mesmerizes in understated "Personal Shopper"

Office Purge: "Belko Experiment" familiar but still effective at its sick job

Sweet Inferno: "The Devil's Candy" lean, mean, intensely creepy metal horror

Save a Horse, Eat a Man: “Raw” a daring, unsettling coming-of-ager like no other