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Mutant War: "X-Men Apocalypse" entertains and coheres, despite a lot of moving parts

Private Dicks: "The Nice Guys" a snappy, chemistry-rich cocktail of noir violence and comedy

Next-Door Sisters: "Neighbors 2" not as fresh but nearly as smart and funny

Home Sweet Evil: Pretty worthless "Darkness" lacks vital nightmare fuel

Art as a Family: “Family Fang” an odd duck that still manages to be affecting

Drive Her Crazy: Sarandon shines in occasionally annoying, mostly endearing “The Meddler”

Marvel Entree: Brisk, adult-minded, entertaining "Civil War" a great start to Marvel's Phase 3

Wedding Jitters = Bug Bite: "Bite" delivers the ickiness with small means

Oh, Mother: "Mothers and Daughters" well-intentioned but tedious and flat