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Disappearing Act: "Now You See Me" a fun diversion until you realize you've been had

Three Cheers for Greta: "Franca Ha" disarming and lovely

Bloody Mary: Katharine Isabelle grounds oft-disjointed "American Mary"

Six Lives and Counting: Big, dumb, over-the-top "Furious 6" takes forever to rev its engine but delivers goods

Buzzkill: "Hangover Part III" darker, less raunchy, no longer funny

DVD/Blu-ray: Arnie is sort of back in undemanding "Last Stand"

DVD/Blu-ray: "Parker" an inert mess that can't deliver much of anything

Sisterhood of Deliverance: "Black Rock" a lean, mean femme survival machine

Into a Lens Flare: "Star Trek Into Darkness" is what summer tentpoles should be