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We Go Together: "The Intervention" familiar but comfortably low-key and nicely acted

Mouse Hunt: "Don't Breathe" plays like an overwhelmingly tense death grip

No Country for Any Men: "Hell or High Water" a soundly crafted heist western that's about something

All Food Goes to Heaven: "Sausage Party" clever and surprisingly audacious but not consistently funny

The Big Friendly Dragon: “Pete’s Dragon” a lovely, melancholy surprise

Dawn of the Worms: Effectively squirmy moments aside, "Viral" just OK

Unprotected Melody: "Lace Crater" a strange, intimate venereal-horror indie

The Expendables: Margot Robbie one of few bright spots in disappointingly ragged "Suicide Squad"

Stupidity Sells: "Nerve" sublimely loopy fun before going off the rails