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Bourne Again: "Jason Bourne" a capably made slog of redundancy

Moms Gone Wild: "Bad Moms" hilariously naughty but also insightful

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: "Lights Out" a crafty, creepy screamer

Ain’t Afraid of No Sexists: “Ghostbusters” reboot could be sharper but still a good time

No Signal: Startling opener and no pulse thereafter makes "Cell" a dull yarn

Equals Attract: Plaza and Kendrick run off with sporadically funny “Mike and Dave”

Pet Story: "Secret Life of Pets" minor yet charming, lively and clever enough

Pulp Non-Fiction: "Carnage Park" knows its grindhouse trappings but serves little point

Thug Life: "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" an offbeat, endearing Kiwi-grown charmer