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Bay of Toys: "Age of Extinction" big, loud, dumb, longest

Save My Ride: "The Rover" a riveting shaggy-dog slow-burn

Some Night That Was: Off-key "Jersey Boys" rarely pops, despite that music

Big Girl Choices: "Obvious Child" the funniest, most adorable abortion comedy ever

Just Like Last Time: "22 Jump Street" a sequel that's proud to be a sequel

Planet of the Hazmat Suits: Lo-fi "Signal" impresses visually but remains an interesting failure

Undead Hotties: "All Cheerleaders Die" imperfect but peppy and bloody fun

I Love the '80s: "Ping Pong Summer" a slight but sweet love letter

Let Him In: "Borgman" hard to pin down but more unsettling for it

Big Feet to Fill: "Willow Creek" makes few discoveries but manages slow-burn fun