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The Making of Scrooge: "The Man Who Invented Christmas" a bland, clunky hybrid of biopic and "A Christmas Carol"

No Ancestor Left Behind: Imaginative, touching, gorgeously animated “Coco” pretty perfecto

Girlhood: "Lady Bird" freshly observed, poignant and altogether wonderful

Still Halfway to Justice: Uneven "Justice League" offers more levity but garish action gets in way of new team

Be Kind: Emotionally earned "Wonder" celebrates compassion without turning mawkish

Strangers on a Train: “Murder on the Orient Express” a poky ride that largely wastes a starry cast

The Boy Who Wasn't There: "My Friend Dahmer" an unsettling and oddly sensitive portrait

Not Safe for Work: "Mayhem" gonzo, ultra-violent and mad as hell

Norse Farce: Waititi turns "Thor: Ragnarok" into a goofy, rainbow-colored lark