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Death Wireless: "Countdown" a tech-horror throwaway that's more dopey than scary but could have been worse

The Defiant Young Lady's Tale: "Paradise Hills" more dazzling to look at than to get lost in

It Comes at Night: "Sweetheart" a modestly made survival tale with a commanding Kiersey Clemons

Bugging Out: Empty "Wounds" allows Armie Hammer to go to dark places, but to what end?

My Bloody Halloween: "Trick" won't become a holiday favorite but does what it sets out to do

10-Year Reunion: "Zombieland: Double Tap" a ridiculously fun companion piece that works just as well a decade later

Field-Trip Day of the Dead: A game, winning Lupita Nyong'o slays zombies in cheerfully guts-filled "Little Monsters"

Put on a Serious Face: "Joker" black as pitch and uncompromising with an unshakably chilling Joaquin Phoenix

Drifting Apart: "Harpoon" a darkly funny, unpredictable three-hander with a coal-black heart