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"Spin Me Round" has its moments as a weirdo ensemble romp without much reward

"Orphan: First Kill" a campy, bonkers hoot of a prequel with a new ace in the hole

"Mack & Rita" mostly fails Diane Keaton and her daffy charm

"Emily the Criminal" a tough, tightly wound crime-thriller armed with a riveting Aubrey Plaza

"Fall" effectively wrings all the acrophobic anxiety and palm-sweating from a daredevil-dumb premise

"Summering" an earnest, middle-of-the-road "Stand by Me"/"Now and Then"

"I Love My Dad" an extremely uncomfortable but funny father-son comedy

"They/Them" works better as a queer empowerment tale than a slasher

"Bodies Bodies Bodies" has real bite as the slasher flick the TikTok generation deserves