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Left for Dead: "What Keeps You Alive" a tightly coiled, unforgiving study in pulling the rug out

School of Misfits: "Boarding School" a defiantly unusual but always interesting hodgepodge

Puppet Say What?: Human cast and puppeteers bring ribald commitment to scattershot "Happytime Murders"

Punk Season: "The Ranger" brings extra meat to otherwise bare-bones slasher pic

Cruel Summer: "Summer of '84" hits a nostalgic sweet spot as Hardy Boys mystery

Big Ass Shark: "The Meg" pulls back too much but still entertains as half-cheeky, half-straight fun

Pied Piper of Boresville: Spineless "Slender Man" fails to brand meme an enduring horror icon

Accidental Spies: Kunis and McKinnon make mid-level "Spy Who Loved Me" more diverting than it should be

Night of the Creeps: Crampton a reliably wicked highlight in bonkers but ultimately unsatisfying "Dead Night"