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Doghood: Very Todd Solondz-y "Wiener-Dog" cynical but humane

Don't Come Back: "Independence Day" sequel zaps the threat, the fun and thrills of predecessor

Bikini Kills: "The Shallows" lands preposterously but makes for gripping fun

Dressed to Kill: “Neon Demon” defiantly strange, beautiful, virtuoso cinema

Like a Hurricane: "Krisha" a stunning, ferocious knockout on a budget

Cake and Children: "Clown" balloons fake trailer into ballsy terror yarn

No Giggling Matter: "Tickled" an odd, engrossing stranger-than-fiction doc

Don't You Forget About Her: Overdue sequel “Finding Dory” a delightfully necessary catch

Orc Games: "Warcraft" full of sound and fury, signifying care-free tedium