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Bad Girls Do It Well: Bullock and McCarthy make dynamite pair in "The Heat"

America, Eff Yeah! — "White House Down" a large popcorn tub of insanely ridiculous fun

DVD/Blu-ray: "Upside Down" imaginative, visually dazzling, and dreamily sweet

Melons and blood-curdling screams: "Berberian Sound Studio" an aurally sound but go-nowhere mood piece

The Taming of the Fanboy: Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing" frothy but slight lark

Dawn of Pitt: "World War Z" neutered but still a fun, tense ride

Totally True Hollywood Story: Coppola's barbed, subtle "Bling Ring" doesn't judge the emptiness

Just Another Maniac Monday: Elijah Wood plays "Maniac" in exploitative scuzz-bucket remake

Chop. Splatter. Repeat. — "Hatchet III" hokey but hacks out a bloody, decent time