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New Brew: "Gretel & Hansel" a vividly atmospheric, nightmarishly folkloric fairy tale

Almost Bourne's Tempo: "Rhythm Section" a watchable revenge thriller with a persuasive, down-and-dirty turn from Blake Lively

Purple Haze: "Color Out of Space" wildly strange, hopeless Lovecraftian madness

Screwed: "The Turning" offers plenty of classically creepy goodness before the unsatisfying "ending"

Gents Will Be Gents: Slick, cheeky "Gentlemen" showcases what Guy Ritchie does best with stacked cast

Stop Talking: Tepid "Dolittle" tries to please everyone and pleases no one

Deep-Sea "Alien": "Underwater" derivative, yes, but a solid aquatic thriller

The Best Films of 2019