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"Your Sister's Sister" a deeply satisfying indie treat

Danish "Klown" inappropriate, wrong, and sometimes very funny

Merely OK "The Watch" only worth bargain-bin purchase at Costco

Near-great "Dark Knight Rises" caps off trilogy with spectacular, satisfying end

New to DVD/Blu-ray: Dumb, disposable "Lockout" also guiltily entertaining

New to DVD/Blu-ray: Stretched-thin "Casa de mi Padre" has bilingual Will Ferrell, few laughs

New to DVD/Blu-ray: Atmosphere trumps logic in disappointing "Intruders"

Potentially riveting "Collaborator" comes up empty

"Magic of Belle Isle" inoffensive but hokey schmaltz

New to DVD/Blu-ray: De Niro's commitment can't lighten up dreary, self-important "Being Flynn"