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Ending with a Buzz: "World's End" a boisterously funny, genre-smashing, bittersweet blast

DVD/Blu-ray: Aprile impresses in affecting, hard-hitting "What Maisie Knew"

Love Drunk: "Spectacular Now" a rare, lovely, honest treasure that actually understands teens

Slaughter-Home Alone: "You're Next" a wickedly entertaining devil that refreshes horror genre

Micro-Budget Microbrew: "Drinking Buddies" a naturally funny, strongly acted little gem with beer galore

Punch in the Face: Tiresome "Kick-Ass 2" all bite but less fun

Historical Freedom: "Butler" heavy-handed but moving and terrifically well-acted

Solitude for Two: Visual poetry and slacker comedy match in oddly likable "Prince Avalanche"

Fall from Wealth: Blanchett's rich performance cements "Blue Jasmine" as Woody Allen's most powerful

Poor, Poor Linda: Seyfried shines but "Lovelace" could've gone deeper