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Dumb and Dumber: "Masterminds" not without some giggles but pretty mediocre

River Monsters: “Deepwater Horizon” simply but grippingly told

Brohood: Convincingly acted "Goat" unflinchingly observes frat culture

Suicide Squad: Ensemble the biggest draw in overlong but entertaining "Magnificent Seven"

Late Delivery: Zellweger charms but freshness shot in blandly pleasant "Bridget Jones's Baby"

Same Woods, New Cameras: "Blair Witch" less petrifying than its older sibling and cousins

Drops of Life: "Other People" a deeply affecting, painfully funny, superbly acted must-see

Brace for Heroism: Eastwood and Hanks stick the landing of thoughtfully crafted “Sully”

Spawn of Bad Choices: "Antibirth" a bananas but half-baked trip