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"I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" is just Hell

DVD: "RED" goofy fun from great, 40+ cast

"Company Men" well-acted and timely but flawed

Formulaic "No Strings Attached" sweeter and funnier than most

"Dilemma" is right

Mindless "Green Hornet" has larky, fun moments

"Seven Pounds" a sad, slow slog

"Rare Exports" is that rare Christmas horror treat

"Rabbit Hole" goes down with grace and power

"Somewhere" marks Sofia Coppola's second-best work

"127 Hours" is a triumph--hold on!

"True Grit" good and gritty but not great

"Tourist" not thrilling but enough star power to entertain

"The Unborn" unfathomable as a horror film

"All Good Things" falls short of good