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"Love at First Sight" a winsome, non-cynical charmer

"It Lives Inside" only breaks new ground culturally

"Shaky Shivers" is no great shakes but has its goofy charms

"A Haunting in Venice" marks Branagh's second most successful all-star whodunit

"All Fun and Games" wastes an enticing gateway-horror premise and a likable group of actors

"Sitting in Bars with Cake" is “Beaches" with a sweet tooth

"The Nun II" a superior spin-off sequel to everyone's favorite habit-wearing defiler

"The Good Mother" is more compelling as a drama than a thriller

"Vacation Friends 2" is more of the same mediocrity

"Bottoms" punches nice high school comedies in the face

"Perpetrator" has all sorts of weirdness that doesn't pay off