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Relapse and Repeat: Carell and Chalamet bolster inherently redundant addiction story in "Beautiful Boy"

The Night They Reunited: "Halloween" a worthy, respectful love note to 1978 classic and a generational trauma drama rolled into one

Skeletons in the Hotel: "Bad Times at the El Royale" a savvily constructed, thrillingly mysterious genre exercise that fires on all cylinders

Halloweentown: "Goosebumps 2" more of the same but does the trick

Born This Way: Oft-told story gets intimate, fresh, soulful revision in “A Star Is Born”

The Killer Next Door: "Knuckleball" a lean, mean cat-and-mouse thriller

Perfect Host: "Venom" flawed but fun when embracing its wicked, offbeat side

This Is America: "The Hate U Give" resonates as powerful, uncomfortable, empathetic conversation starter