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Dazed and Confused: "Before I Go to Sleep" involves and then slowly derails

Shadow of a Hunk: "The Guest" a violent, darkly playful '80s-flavored blast

News Vulture: Jake Gyllenhaal gets skin crawling in unnerving "Nightcrawler"

Times Need to Change: "Dear White People" wittily confronts race

Wrongfully Deviled: "Horns" a wickedly entertaining kitchen-sink stew

Reign of Terror Remade: "Town That Dreaded Sundown" a scary, cleverly meta sequel/remake

Get Jazzed: "Whiplash" keeps one on edge, leaves one bruised and elated

You Kill His Dog, You Die: "John Wick" loads of cool, ultra-violent fun

It's Always More Than a Game, Kiddos: Safe "Ouija" only scary if you're 13