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Campus Love: Farmiga and Garcia elevate mild, light-as-air "At Middleton"

If These Walls Could Talk: "Concussion" a smart, nonjudgmental drama about a lesbian housewife-cum-call girl

It's Dead! - Seriously one-note "I, Frankenstein" pretty bad, and not in a fun way

Teen Mom: The Movie — Hudgens tries hard, but "Gimme Shelter" is all message, poor storytelling

Jack Ryan: Muppet Baby — Skillful, familiar "Shadow Recruit" gets the job done

In the Old Scratch Way: Ordinary "Devil's Due" just doesn't deliver

Time's a-tickin', baby: Despite one of Walker's stronger turns, "Hours" not worth time

DVD/Blu-ray: Honestly observed, flawlessly acted "Short Term 12" a small gem not to be overlooked

iRomance: Lovely, gentle, joyous "Her" tears at the heart

Jer-ry! Jer-ry!: Bleakly amusing "August: Osage County" boasts first-rate cast and scenery-chewing